Revenue-protecting DDoS solutions for the Enterprise

Business is at significant risk from disruption as a result of increasingly frequent and sophisticated DDoS attacks. Corero delivers revenue-protecting DDoS solutions that ensure your online availability. In turn, helping to keep your employees productive and your customers happy.

Complete Visibility into DDoS Attacks

Corero’s SmartWall DDoS protection system provides complete visibility into attacks, so that forensic-level security investigations may be carried out. DDoS can be utilized as a distraction for high-value breaches. Therefore, gaining detailed insight into these sophisticated attacks becomes crucial for identifying and understanding other malicious activity in the network. This is particularly important for Enterprises, to help ensure that broader security threats are not impacting their organization

Real-Time, Comprehensive DDoS Protection

SmartWall’s innovative always-on approach delivers accurate automatic DDoS protection in real-time, for attacks of all sizes, with the lowest possible cost of ownership and options for a fully managed DDoS protection service, delivered by Corero’s highly skilled SOC team.

Flexible and Highly Scalable

Flexible and highly scalable, SmartWall has the deployment options to match your requirements, from the latest innovation in infrastructure-accelerated enforcement, to on-premise appliances with hybrid cloud protection.

Protection Against a Wide Range of DDoS Attacks

Corero’s SmartWall technology is designed to handle network-layer DDoS attacks of all sizes, including; floods, reflective, amplified, multi-vector and spoofed attacks. The latest attacks typically include a level of sophistication which makes them virtually impossible to mitigate effectively without a dedicated DDoS protection solution.