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DDoS Protection for Hosting Providers

Keep alarms at bay. SmartWall’s automated solutions can mitigate over 98% of attacks in real-time, at the network edge.

Scale as your network and your business grows. Corero’s flexible deployment options can meet the needs of Hosting Providers in growing markets.

Rapid ROI
Differentiate from your competition and open a new revenue stream by offering Corero’s comprehensive DDoS protection.


  • Protection without downtime
  • Differentiate from competing providers
  • Maintain server availability and SLAs requirements
  • Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Minimal skilled staff required
  • With SecureWatch, zero skilled staff required

Case Study

Learn more from Niagara Regional Broadband Network on how Corero’s solutions keep users safe.

View Case Study

Advantages Over Other DDoS Solutions


custom flex rules for new DDoS attack types for real-time protection


automated protection saves SOC/NOC teams valuable time


stay ahead of ever-evolving DDoS attacks
How to Guide for Providers Datasheet
How to Guide for Providers Datasheet
SmartWall® Service Portal: DDoS Protection as-a-Service
SmartWall® Service Portal: DDoS Protection as-a-Service

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