A Team Dedicated to Improving

security and

Real-Time DDoS Prevention

Through the development of innovative DDoS mitigation solutions, Corero Network Security is committed to improving the security and availability of the internet.

Meet the Executive Management Team

Lionel Chmilewsky

Chief Executive Officer

Ashley Stephenson

Chief Technology Officer

Tanya Alfonso

Chief Revenue Officer

Julian Palmer

Executive Vice President, Engineering

Joao (John) Melo

Executive Vice President, Operations and Customer Services

Brian Hawthorne

VP of Marketing

Sean Newman

Vice President, Product Management

Phil Richards

Chief Financial Officer

We are a global leader in real-time, high-performance, automatic DDoS defense solutions.

Both Service and Hosting providers, alongside digital enterprises across the globe, rely on Corero’s award-winning cybersecurity technology to eliminate the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) to their digital environment through automatic attack detection and mitigation, coupled with network visibility, analytics, and reporting.

Corero’s industry-leading SmartWall and SecureWatch technology provides scalable protection capabilities against external DDoS attackers and internal DDoS botnets in the most complex edge and subscriber environments while enabling a more cost-effective economic model than previously available. Corero’s key operational centers are located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA, and Edinburgh, UK, with the Company headquartered in Amersham, UK. The Company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market under the ticker CNS.

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