Revenue-Protecting DDoS Solutions for Hosting Providers & Datacenters

SmartWall’s always-on protection enables Hosting Providers and Datacenter operators to maintain uninterrupted access to applications and mission critical services in the face of increasing DDoS attacks. This is also a golden opportunity to create a new revenue stream by delivering that protection as a service, with comprehensive visibility and forensic-level analysis that ensures you and your customers always know what traffic was blocked, or allowed, and why.

Continuous Revenue Stream

SmartWall’s always-on revenue-protecting DDoS solutions maximize customer retention, and market differentiation, in the face of falling compute prices and increasing competition.

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

This real-time DDoS protection solution is available as a regular CAPEX purchase model, with annual support, or as a fully subscription-based monthly OPEX model, with payback often possible in as little as two quarters.

Complete Visibility into DDoS Attacks

Corero’s SmartWall DDoS protection system provides complete visibility into attacks, so that forensic-level security investigations may be carried out. DDoS can be utilized as a distraction for high-value breaches. Therefore, gaining detailed insight into these sophisticated attacks becomes crucial for identifying and understanding other malicious activity in the network. This is particularly important for Hosting Providers who need to ensure that broader security threats do not affect their customers.

Flexible and Highly Scalable

Flexible and highly scalable, SmartWall has the deployment options to match your requirements, from the latest innovation in infrastructure-accelerated enforcement, to on-premise appliance and cloud-based protection.

Our Innovative Infrastructure-Accelerated Approach

SmartWall’s innovative infrastructure-accelerated approach enables DDoS protection at your full edge bandwidth, to tens-of-terabits per second of protected capacity, where previously only partial scrubbing capacity was feasible. Plus, the fully virtualized nature of the solution delivers ultimate flexibility for SDN environments.