ddos-protection-for-hosting-providersDDoS Protection for Hosting Providers & Datacenters

The Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) for Hosting Providers and Datacenters is designed to overcome the challenges associated with a wide range of hosting requirements while maintaining access to applications and mission critical systems. Providers that work with Corero to deploy real-time DDoS protection can expect the highest levels of performance and availability. 

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

Corero's SmartWall solutions enable Hosting Providers and Datacenter Operators to deliver comprehensive DDoS protection for their customers. This enhances the overall value proposition and provides an opportunity to offer differentiated value-added security services.

Real-Time DDoS Mitigation

Corero’s SmartWall offers a flexible innovative approach to DDoS protection at the Internet edge, with options to deploy dedicated appliances or leverage monitoring and filtering capabilities in the latest generation of network routers. Our "first-line-of-defense" approach maintains business continuity, preventing network and service outages due to DDoS attacks, by inspecting traffic with line-rate performance and blocking attacks in real-time, while leaving good traffic to flow uninterrupted.

Complete Visibility into DDoS Attacks

Corero's SmartWall DDoS protection system provides complete visibility into attacks, so that forensic-level security investigations may be carried out. DDoS can be utilized as a distraction for high-value breaches. Therefore, gaining detailed insight into these sophisticated attacks becomes crucial for identifying and understanding other malicious activity in the network.

SmartWall DDoS Deployment ChartThis is particularly important for Hosting Providers who need to ensure that broader security threats do not affect their customers.

Protection Against a Wide Range of DDoS Attacks

Corero's SmartWall technology is designed to handle  network-layer DDoS attacks of all sizes, including; floods, reflective, amplified, multi-vector and spoofed attacks. The latest attacks typically include a level of sophistication which makes them virtually impossible to mitigate effectively without a dedicated DDoS protection solution.


Interested to learn how Corero can be your first line of defense against DDoS attacks? Download our Hosting Provider DDoS Protection Playbook