Revenue-Protecting DDoS Solutions for Edge Providers

SmartWall’s fast-acting, real-time, automatic protection ensures continuity for always-on, low-latency services, even when DDoS attacks are in progress. Plus, comprehensive visibility and forensic-level analysis ensures you and your customers always know what traffic was blocked, or allowed, and why.

Maximize your Revenue

SmartWall’s always-on revenue-protecting DDoS solutions maximize customer retention, and market differentiation, in the face of falling compute prices and increasing competition.

Real-Time DDoS Protection

SmartWall’s innovative always-on approach delivers accurate automatic DDoS protection in real-time, with the lowest possible latency, to preserve the key tenets of the Edge Computing cloud transformation.

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

Flexible and highly scalable, SmartWall has the deployment options to match your requirements, from the latest innovation in infrastructure-accelerated enforcement, to on-premise appliance and cloud-based protection.

Pricing Options

This real-time DDoS protection solution is available as a regular CAPEX purchase model, with annual support, or as a fully subscription-based monthly OPEX model, with payback often possible in as little as two quarters.