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Tier-2 Service Provider chooses Corero to deliver DDoS protection as a service

Customer Profile:

US based, regional, Tier-2 service provider delivering fiber-optic data, internet, data center, cloud unified communications, and managed services to enterprise and carrier customers.


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are frequently targeted by DDoS attacks that can impact their network and their downstream customers, who suffer degraded service quality or downtime as a result. This large regional ISP was no exception.

They wanted to replace an incumbent DDoS protection solution with one that they could trust and avoid having to make manual interventions.  As the service provider’s business and network grew, they wanted to increase their DDoS mitigation capability and remove the need to backhaul attack traffic across their network.

In addition, they wanted a solution that did not create latency issues, or false-positives for their customers, and which reduced the potential of completely missing attacks.


Corero SmartWall® Edge Threat Defense, including the ability to provide subscription-based DDoS protection for tenant customers


  • Customer’s network is kept clear of bad traffic, with no blocking of legitimate customer traffic
  • Attack mitigation information: user dashboard provides real-time, single-pane visibility of attacks
  • Save time and money in terms of set up costs and in their SOC analysts’ time spent fire-fighting DDoS attacks on their network
  • Maintain maximum levels of service availability for customers, even in the face of a DDoS event