DDoS Defense Director

Powering the Network Edge with Real-Time Protection

The Fastest, Most Scalable,
DDoS Attack Protection

SmartWall Threat Defense Director (TDD) delivers full edge protection for even the largest provider networks.  Powering the filtering capabilities increasingly built into modern edge routers, TDD simply scales to tens-of-terabits per second of protection, without the need to deploy any dedicated appliances at the edge, or needing to back-haul large volumes of attack traffic to scrubbing centers.


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Comprehensive Visibility

SmartWall leverages big data analytics to deliver sophisticated and comprehensive visibility, reporting and alerting capabilities for clear, actionable intelligence on the DDoS attack activity happening across the network.

Rapidly detect DDoS attacks of all sizes

SmartWall fills the perception gap, by not only blocking the very large volumetric attacks commonly associated with DDoS, but also detecting and surgically blocking the more common and much smaller attacks which use the same vectors – many of which are too small or short in duration to be detected by legacy solutions.

Accurately and automatically allows the good and stops the bad

Good traffic is able to flow uninterrupted, enabling services and applications to stay online, while DDoS traffic is surgically blocked before it has the chance to cause any damaging effects.

Reduced Operating Costs

Automated DDoS response from Corero ties together attack events, significantly reducing human intervention and false positives for reduced operational costs and lowest TCO.

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Automatic Protection

Automatically mitigates a wide range of DDoS attacks, without operator intervention, maintaining full connectivity to avoid disrupting the delivery of legitimate traffic – stopping attacks faster.

Unprecedented Scale

Always-on protection, in seconds, that scales to tens-of-terabits, for even the largest provider networks.

Leverage Existing Edge Devices

SmartWall DDoS intelligence powers existing network edge devices to locally block attack traffic, without deploying dedicated devices or backhauling traffic.

Managed Services Enabler

Service and hosting providers can enhance security service offerings with real-time, automatic DDoS protection to their customers without ‘blackholing’ or disrupting legitimate customer traffic.

Security policy enforcement

With proactive traffic inspection, our detection and real-time mitigation solutions enforce security policies and prevent volumetric layers 3-7 DDoS attacks for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

SmartWall Network Threat Defense Director

The SmartWall Threat Defense Director has the same accurate, real-time, automatic protection of Corero’s SmartWall Threat Defense System at it’s core, but couples this with the high-performance packet filtering of Juniper’s MX Series routers, for mitigation, to deliver Corero’s award winning protection at unprecedented scale and simplicity of deployment.

The solution includes the SmartWall Central Management Server (CMS), which offers multiple options for managing, configuring, and monitoring the TDD detection appliances, including a flexible Browser-based GUI, a full SSH CLI and powerful REST API, that supports open integration with existing management frameworks. The CMS is delivered as a physical appliance, or a virtual appliance to run on customer-provided hardware.

The TDD solution also includes Corero’s SmartWall SecureWatch® Analytics application; a powerful web-based security analytics tool that delivers comprehensive and easy-to-read dashboards, as well as enabling sophisticated DDoS attack forensics. The analytics capability in TDD is driven by security event and traffic flow feeds from the SmartWall detection appliances and Juniper MX router telemetry.

The solution leverages Splunk software for big data analytics and advanced visualization capabilities, to transform sophisticated security event data into dashboards that deliver actionable intelligence, before, during and after an attack.

SmartWall Service PortalSecureWatch-Dashboard-Product-Image

The SmartWall Service Portal enables the SmartWall TDD real-time DDoS mitigation to be delivered as-a-service. This web application portal enables providers to onboard customers, assign DDoS protection service levels and view attack dashboards for each of them. Protected customers can login to their own view, to access traffic and DDoS attack reporting and analytics, and understand the value of the DDoS protection they are receiving.

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