New DDoS Protection for Physical or Virtual Environments

Sean Newman
By | December 07, 2017

Posted in: Network Security Trends

More and more organizations are benefiting from virtualization, moving some or all of their applications to the cloud. They are turning their attention to the possibility of virtualizing their entire infrastructure, with Software Defined Networks (SDN) running Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs).

In response to this, Corero recently launched the SmartWall Network Threat Defense - Virtual Edition (vNTD), which brings real-time DDoS attack visibility and mitigation to virtualized environments, for more diverse, flexible deployment possibilities. The virtual edition has the same powerful and rich DDoS detection, mitigation, visibility and reporting as the SmartWall® Threat Defense System physical appliances, but delivered as a Virtual Edition, for easy deployment and elastic scale.

This new defense device is available for KVM and vSphere platforms, delivering line-rate protection at up to 10Gbps per instance, giving organizations the flexibility to choose physical or virtual form-factors. Of course, we recognize that many organizations have a mix of physical and virtual environments, which is why both the virtual and physical defense devices can be managed from a single centralized console, thus saving IT security staff time and improving overall efficiency. The virtual edition can be dynamically deployed and scaled across virtualized networks, enabling internal segmentation as well as external-facing protection, in addition to the possibility of shielding existing network functions, including; FW, IPS, WAF, Load-Balancers, SBC, etc., as well as the virtualization controllers themselves, from the damaging effects and impact of DDoS attacks.

vNTD DDoS protection can be rapidly deployed to visualize, analyze and mitigate DDoS security events, in real-time. For more information, contact us.

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