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Assessing Your Infrastructure Readiness for DDPaaS

Assessing your infrastructure readiness for DDPaaS

Before launching a DDoS protection as a service (DDPaaS) offering, it is crucial to assess your existing infrastructure and determine any gaps that need to be addressed. Follow these tips for evaluating your network’s readiness:  

Audit Your Protection  

Take stock of your current DDoS defenses. Do you have scrubbing capabilities, or are you reliant on upstream providers? How much traffic can you mitigate on your own? Are you only able to protect your overall network rather than individual customers? Understanding current capabilities is vital.  

Analyze Your Architecture   

Map out your network architecture and edge topology. Look for potential bottlenecks, performance constraints, or vulnerabilities that could hinder providing robust DDPaaS. Are additional devices or connections needed to segment and redirect attack traffic? Should more capacity be added?  

Check Router Performance   

Evaluate whether your routers can handle ingesting and passing large DDoS traffic volumes without impacting performance. Carrier-grade routers designed for high throughput are best suited for DDPaaS networks. Identify any router upgrades required.  

Review Detection Systems  

Audit what systems you have in place to detect DDoS attacks quickly and accurately. Relying solely on traffic volume may miss more sophisticated layer seven attacks. Evaluate adding behavioral modeling, machine learning, threat intelligence, and other advanced systems.  

Estimate Growth   

Factor in expected customer growth and increased attacks. Determine if your network has sufficient headroom and scalability to grow your DDPaaS business over time without degradation. Plan for capacity and infrastructure needs.  

Leveraging an experienced DDoS protection vendor can provide immense help with thoroughly assessing your infrastructure and charting the steps needed to ready it for adding robust, enterprise-grade DDPaaS capabilities.