Announcing our

Global Akamai

Corero and Akamai both announced their global partnership on 20 September 2023. The first step in this partnership will leverage Corero SmartWall ONE for on-premises DDoS protection in two new Akamai products extending their Prolexic DDoS defense solutions.

Please see our FAQ below for further information and links.


Akamai products featuring Corero SmartWall ONE

  • Akamai Prolexic On-Prem (powered by Corero)
  • Akamai Prolexic Hybrid

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Corero and Akamai announcements about?

Our respective announcements were released to share that we have entered into a global partnership resulting in two new offerings to Akamai’s Prolexic DDoS defense product line. These are:

  • Akamai Prolexic On-Prem (powered by Corero)
  • Akamai Prolexic Hybrid

Q: Can you briefly explain what each of these new products are?

Akamai Prolexic On-Prem (powered by Corero) is built on Corero SmartWall ONE, our industry-leading DDoS protection solution platform, which Akamai will be selling worldwide.

Akamai Prolexic Hybrid is a combination of Prolexic cloud DDoS protection and Prolexic On-Prem (powered by Corero) on-premises protection.

Q: Does this now mean Corero is selling Akamai Prolexic products?

Currently, only Akamai is selling the Prolexic product line.

Q: I am currently a Corero customer. How does this announcement affect me?

At this time, we are just sharing the good news of our partnership.

Q: Where can I get more information about the partnership?

You can read our press release here and Akamai’s press release here and their blog post here.