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DDoS Security: Protect Your Network and Hosting Customers

                Infonetics Research

Technology advancements now make it possible for hosting providers to affordably build their own high-performance DDoS prevention solutions for 10G+ attacks. This webinar examines current DDoS trends affecting hosting providers and discusses the new security solutions available for protecting networks and customers. 



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DDoS Security in the Data Centre

The majority of the directors surveyed, believe that DDoS is occurring more frequently and even those companies which have not been 
impacted by DDoS in the last year believe that, on the whole, it is increasing in occurrence. With more businesses aware of the rising threat of denial of service attacks organisations of all shapes and sizes are questioning their current strategies and are turning to their service providers for DDoS detection and mitigation.     


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  • Market Study Indicates DDoS Protection is a High Priority for Data Centres, Hosting Providers and Network Services Providers

  • Corero Network Security Introduces Corero DDoS Analytics App for Splunk Enterprise

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SSDP Amplified Attacks, a Sitting Duck against Sophisticated DDoS Analytics  

October  16, 2014 by Stephen Gates

The craftiness of cyber attackers never ceases to amaze me and now a new kid on the block has emerged - the SSDP Reflective/Amplified DDoS attack.  Many people may wonder what SSDP is.  SSDP otherwise known as the Simple Service Discovery Protocol is a network based protocol used for the advertisement and discovery of network services.     

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