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Jagex drops the Warhammer against DDoS  

Jagex, the online gaming company, had been experiencing frequent, intense DDoS attacks.  Jagex needed a solution to handle the increasing attacks in the performance-sensitive industry.  Explore the case study to learn how the Corero products and services were able to combat these attacks without causing any disruption to the customers’ gaming experiences.      


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Latest DDoS Report 

DDoS Trends and Analysis 2015 Mid-Year Report   

The analysis of customer data found that DDoS attackers continuing to leverage sub-saturating DDoS attacks with increasing frequency.   While survey findings reveal organizations are demanding DDoS protection from Internet Service Provider.  Explore the DDoS Trends and Analysis 2015 Mid-Year Report for details on all the latest DDoS trends.       


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  • Corero Network Security Extends Strategic Leadership with Promotion of Dave Larson to Chief Operating Officer

  • Corero Network Security to Present at the 2015 Canadian ISP Summit

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Carrier Grade NAT and the Dos Consequences

November 17, 2015 by Stefan Fouant   

The Internet has a very long history of utilizing mechanisms that may breathe new life into older technologies, stretching it our so that newer technologies may be delayed or obviated altogether.  IPv4 addressing, and the well-known depletion associated with it, is one such area that has seen a plethora of mechanisms employed in order to give it more shelf life. 


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