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The Evolution of DDoS Protection 

DDoS Trends Report

As the DDoS threat landscape has evolved over time, so has the ability to surgically remove DDoS attack traffic from transiting freely though provider networks.  Learn how new solutions provide economies of scale for modern and sophisticated DDoS mitigation, enabling providers to completely eliminate the DDoS challenge.    

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Latest DDoS Report 

DDoS Trends and Analysis 2015 Mid-Year Report   

The analysis of customer data found that DDoS attackers continuing to leverage sub-saturating DDoS attacks with increasing frequency.   While survey findings reveal organizations are demanding DDoS protection from Internet Service Provider.  Explore the DDoS Trends and Analysis 2015 Mid-Year Report for details on all the latest DDoS trends.       


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  • Corero Network Security Trends and Analysis Report Finds Attackers Primarily Leverage Lower-Bandwidth DDoS Attacks to Degrade and Infiltrate Networks

  • Alpha Generation Distribution Partners with Corero to Further Drive Real-Time DDoS Protection into the UK Market

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Groups like DD4BC are just the beginning! 

October 2, 2015 by Stephen Gates  

The group calling themselves "DDoS for Bitcoin" (DD4BC) continues to extort money from a host of companies located all over the globe, and today very few organizations are able to adequately protect themselves from DD4BC's tactics.        


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