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DDoS Trends and Analysis Quarterly Report
Q4 2014

DDoS Trends ReportThrough the analysis of customer data from the fourth quarter of 2014, Corero found that attackers are evolving their use of DDoS attacks to circumvent companies’ cybersecurity solutions, disrupt service availability and infiltrate victim networks. These trends have been made available with the release of Corero’s inaugural Quarterly DDoS Protection Report.

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Real-Time DDoS Protection

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Service Providers, Hosting providers, and the Online Enterprise are all impacted by the challenges of DDoS. Learn how Corero provides real-time DDoS protection and sophisticated alerting, reporting and analytics to defeat the DDoS threat to your business.


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Who have you pissed off lately?

April 17, 2015 by Linda musthaler

One of the prime motivations for DDoS attacks today is hacktivism.  That is, some individual or group is trying to inflict revenge or punishment on the targeted company because of political or social beliefs.  


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