Joao Melo

Vice President, Operations and Customer Services

In his role as Vice President Operations and Customer Services, Joao Melo assures Corero outperforms its competition in terms of quality, service level agreement (manufacturing) and cost of goods. Melo has been providing substantial operational value to the company’s business for over 10 years, continuously improving value to the customer through streamlining corporate processes and focusing on their needs. He has more than 20 years of creative problem-solving experience in many business areas, including supply chain management, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, sales management, product marketing, product development and engineering.

Prior to joining the company, Melo was a senior consulting engineer, delivering product design consulting services for Bleck Design Group. He also held a position as a mechanical engineer for Bose Corp. He holds a BSME from Boston University and MBA from Babson College with a focus on managing technology-intensive enterprise.