EOL Announcement for NTD120

Corero Network Security announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the SmartWall® Network Threat Defense 120 (NTD120) appliance. Learn more by clicking here.

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EOL Announcement for Network Bypass Appliance (NBA)

Corero Network Security announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the SmartWall® Network Bypass Appliance (NBA). The last day to order this product is September 30, 2020. Table 1 describes the end-of-life milestones:

Table 1. SmartWall NBA End of Life Milestones: Milestone



End-of-Life Announcement

The date of the end of life product announcement

July 1, 2020

End-of-Sale (EOS) / Last Order Date

The last date to order the product. The product is no longer for sale after this date

September 30, 2020

End of Software Support

The last date for software support for the product – including; technical support, bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, and patches for critical bugs

September 30, 2023

End of Service Contract Renewals

The last date to extend or renew a service contract for the product, up to the Last Date of Support

September 30, 2024

Last Date of Support

The last date to receive service and support for the product. After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable

September 30, 2025

Product Migration Options

The NBA will continue to be supported by SmartWall’s management (CMS) and analytics (SWA) applications all the way through to the Last Date of Support. During this period, any deployed NBA devices will continue to be managed and monitored by those applications.

During this End-of-Life period, Corero customers can seamlessly upgrade to the latest NTD devices, with built-in zero-power bypass protection, using their existing management (CMS) and analytics (SWA) applications. Upgrading also delivers the latest generation of protection: for 10Gbps physical links, with the NTD280; migrating to 100Gbps protection, with the NTD1100; or making the transition to a fully software-based solution, using SmartWall’s Network Threat Defense Virtual edition (vNTD).

Customers who elect to upgrade can take advantage of the Corero trade-up program to receive a credit towards the purchase of a new NTD.

If you need more information regarding this announcement or your migration options please contact your regional sales manager, or Inside Sales at info@corero.com.