DDoS Protection for SaaS Providers
SaaS providers need proactive, real-time DDoS protection for availability-sensitive services

Automated, instant mitigation across your global infrastructure

SaaS and cloud computing organizations rely on delivery models that require always-on access and rigid uptime SLA's  - while mainting security and scalability. These elastic infrastructures, platforms and business software services are changing the world we live in, and re-defining traditional ‘time to value.’

These availabilty-sensitive SaaS based services are constantly threatened by cyber criminals executing targeted DDoS attacks. Traditional perimeter security solutions cannot withstand today's DDoS attack landscape, and relying on cloud based DDoS mitigation services cannot respond quickly or accurately in the face of an attack.  Service outages caused by DDoS attacks can cause costly downtime, lost productivity, reputation damage and can also impact the user experiences. 

SaaS organizations should look to advanced network security solutions to protect against DDoS attacks and to ensure uptime for customers Internet-facing services and applications.

DDoS Considerations

  •  Hybrid DDoS Defense The implementation of an always-on solution combined with on-demand cloud defense provides businesses with a means of safeguarding against the vast scope of DDoS attacks posed to their networks. With DDoS attacks now being delivered in various sizes and with differing intentions, ensuring that the appropriate protection solutions are in place has never before been more critical.
  • DDoS Analytics & Reporting Visibility into the DDoS attack activity targeting your environment is critical in helping organizations move up the cyber maturity curve and drive actionable intelligence with increased levels of digital protection. Real-time security dashboards provide never-before-seen visibility into an organization’s network and security activity for rapid response in combating these threats. 



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