DDoS Protection for Online Gaming

Eliminate player impact and service outage implications


Always-on DDoS protection for the gaming industry

Online gaming is a huge global industry, with professional players and teams – and the largest competitions give away millions of dollars of prize money for the winning teams. But lag to gamers can have a big impact on the quality and accuracy of play, so gamers send DDoS attacks to create lag and disruptions to interfere with their online game and create unfair advantages.

Corero's specialized approach to DDoS mitigation in the gaming space allows for extremely high levels of accuracy when it comes to game specific communication.  Corero protects the steam matchmaking services ensuring gamers can see the availability of their servers. With attackers changing their DDoS attack techniques in rapid fashion, gaming organizations require a solution that automatically detects these emerging attacks and mitigates them in real-time, immediately eliminating the DDoS challenge to their sensitive environment. 

Leading online gaming platforms like Jagex and other top online gaming hosts are leveraging Corero’s SmartWall to protect their networks for an undisrupted gaming experience for their customers.

DDoS Analytics

DDoS AnalticsVisibility into the DDoS attack activity targeting your environment is critical in helping organizations move up the cyber maturity curve and drive actionable intelligence with increased levels of digital protection. Real-time security dashboards provide never-before-seen visibility into an organization’s network and security activity for rapid response in combating these threats.

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