Hybrid DDoS Protection to Compliment Your Mitigation Strategy
Enabling Automated Protection Against Hybrid DDoS Attacks


Surgically remove DDoS attack traffic reducing the need for failover cloud services 

The dilemma facing many organisations, when it comes to implementing an effective DDoS defense strategy, is whether to deploy on-premises DDoS protection or subscribe to a cloud-based provider. These decisions are not taken lightly, as the threat landscape is wide ranging, and becoming increasingly sophisticated.   When assessing the most appropriate strategy for DDoS defense, the solutions aren’t like-for-like comparisons; however there is a suggested approach to protect against the entire spectrum.  The concept of on-demand cloud defense for a pipe saturation attack coupled with always on, on-premises mitigation enables completes protection against the entire DDoS threat landscape. Businesses that engage with their on-demand provider and have back up in place in the event of a massive large scale attack can quickly initiate that service based on visibility.  The main benefit of a hybrid approach is that the device heavily reduces the number of times an organisation switches over to the cloud – lowering cost and providing comprehensive and consistent defense.

During the switchover, an on-premises solution would continue to provide the necessary protection for any threats not mitigated by the cloud. Continuous monitoring can show when your organization can return to normal operation and collaborative communication and sharing of information between you and your provider enables enterprise visibility, enhancing the overall security performance of your network.

The implementation of an always-on solution combined with on-demand cloud defense provides businesses with a means of safeguarding against the vast scope of DDoS attacks posed to their networks. With DDoS attacks now being delivered in various sizes and with differing intentions, ensuring that the appropriate prevention procedures are taken and are installed correctly could well be what saves your organization from falling victim to a major breach of information.

DDoS Analytics

DDoS AnalticsVisibility into the DDoS attack activity targeting your environment is critical in helping organizations move up the cyber maturity curve and drive actionable intelligence with increased levels of digital protection. Real-time security dashboards provide never-before-seen visibility into an organization’s network and security activity for rapid response in combating these threats.

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