Enterprise Network Security For DDoS Attacks

Network Security for DDoS Attacks

Today’s enterprises are more dependent on the Internet than ever before, whether it is for generating revenue, protecting revenue, ensuring employee productivity, or providing a superb customer experience. The Internet, while it has many benefits, also makes it more susceptible to damaging cyber-attacks.

Corero protects some of the largest Digital Enterprise brands with automated, real-time DDoS mitigation designed to best fit the needs of their environment:


Banking & Financial Services

Banks globally are engaged in digital multi-channel transformation to better serve on-line customers in real-time. Traditional banks are in many cases re-platforming or adapting core banking back office capabilities, while new online only banks are leveraging flexible cloud based infrastructures to deliver innovation in client engagement. Learn more.

Critical Infrastructure

Modern DDoS attacks represent a serious security and availability challenge for operators of essential services. This is why DDoS protection is highlighted within the government guidance on NIS as a mechanism that critical infrastructure should consider when protecting their services and availability from disruption caused by cyber attacks. Learn more.

Online Gaming

DDoS as an attack method has its historical roots in being used to extort money and disrupt on-line gaming and gambling operations – even blocking player access. Online gaming operators survive on up-time, service availability and player satisfaction. Falling victim to a DDoS attack impacts user stats, customer engagement.  Learn more.


As DDoS attacks become more calculated using multiple vectors, it is not enough to just have cloud based DDoS protection or rely on traditional infrastructure to eliminate the impact of DDoS attacks. With a requirement for always on service availability SaaS businesses are looking at best of breed technology in their layered security strategy. Learn more.

Federal Government

Government organizations have a complex set of services to provide to citizens, stakeholders and partners, while also protecting many critical data assets and functions. E- Government digital transformation initiatives in many forms are occurring, including migration to hybrid infrastructures. The real-time, always on DDoS mitigation and analytics driven threat visibility is critical to protecting their infrastructure and keeping their network services and applications online.


Healthcare are embracing digital transformation to better serve patients and their access to critical services and medicine, whether it is the sharing of patient data electronically or reducing the time to diagnosis and treat. Corero is protecting Critical National Health infrastructure from DDoS attacks with automated, real-time protection.

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

The protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and clinical trials data across the drug development lifecycle, is both critical and highly regulated from a compliance and safety perspective. Corero provides proactive DDoS protection for some of the largest Pharma companies, to defeat calculated DDoS attacks and protect valuable IP.

Communications, News & Media

Many communications companies are experiencing competitive pressure against their content services from new market entrants. As the multi-channel world becomes more connected across ‘hybrid’ infrastructures of legacy, on-premise, virtual and cloud, it is necessary, to have a dedicated DDoS platform to eliminate the DDoS threat to their business.


Corero Network Security is the leader in real-time, high-performance, scalable DDoS defense solutions for service providers and digital enterprises. Corero solutions allow organizations to maintain service availability and eliminate distractions in the face of service and revenue impacting DDoS attacks.  The SmartWall TDS family of automatic DDoS mitigation solutions allows for automated, surgical DDoS mitigation across physical and virtual environments, with a do-no-harm approach for legitimate traffic.


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