DDoS Solution for Internet Service Providers


Internet Service Providers CloudAny Internet related service provider is an unwilling accomplice to DDoS attacks that transit or terminate on their network.  Service providers and their customers are inseparably linked by the challenges DDoS attacks present.

To avoid damage to reputation and brand, subscribers are looking for DDoS mitigation techniques that have evolved to meet the changing threat landscape. For service providers, this is a golden opportunity to modernize DDoS protection for their customers—gaining a new revenue opportunity  in the process. 

Corero provides revenue-protecting solutions to ensure the availability of your customers. In turn, ensuring customer retention and a competitive differentiator in the face of DDoS attacks.

Take Advantage of Real-time DDoS Mitigation

Carriers now can modernize DDoS protection by taking advantage of real-time DDoS mitigation through emerging and proven deployment models. The deployment of Corero's appliance-based DDoS mitigation in varied mitigation topologies has re-written the playbook on scalable, cost effective DDoS protection. 

Regardless of the chosen deployment model; full edge protection or scrubbing providers will benefit from greater protection and scale than previously available, at a fraction of the traditionally required mitigation investment in terms of both opex and capex costs. This industry disrupting pricing model coupled with real-time DDoS detection, sophisticated analytics and DDoS event visibility, allows providers to offer scalable and precise DDoS protection to their customers as a welcome extension of their current service offerings.

The Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) addresses this challenge by providing the opportunity for service providers to deliver real-time DDoS threat protection and visibility for their customers. It is a purpose-built family of network security appliances optimized to meet the needs of service providers. These appliances deliver comprehensive DDoS and cyber threat defense services in rapidly scalable deployments for higher performance, greater connectivity and broader functionality than previously possible; all via an economic model for a fraction of the costs associated with traditional DDoS protection. 

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