DDoS Protection for Critical Infrastructure


Instantly detect and mitigate DDoS attacks while maintaining service availability 

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) is constantly pressure tested by a variety of threat actors. Citizens are also concerned about the huge target CNI represents and the impact of service outages across these industries.

DDoS Assesment

To keep up with the growing sophistication and organization of well-equipped attackers, along with the government mandates to do so - it’s essential that organisations instantly and automatically detect and mitigate DDoS attacks and maintain comprehensive attack visibility across the network.   

The combination of the size, frequency and duration of modern day DDoS attacks represent a serious security and availability challenge for Operators of these Essential Services (OES). Minutes or even tens of minutes of downtime significantly impacts the delivery of these essential services. When you combine these factors, victimes are faced with a significant security and availability challenge. 

Beyond the ability to deny service, DDoS attacks have become a tool in 'denial of security', by acting as camouflage or a distraction mechanism to mask more threatening activities - typically data theft and network infiltration.

DDoS Considerations

  • CNI Directive UK is considering imposing fines against critical infrastructure organizations whose lax security standards result in loss of service. UK organizations that provide critical infrastructure could soon face penalties of up to £17m, or 4% of global turnover, if they suffer a loss of service due to having lax cyber security standards.
  •  Hybrid DDoS Defense The implementation of an always-on solution combined with on-demand cloud defense provides businesses with a means of safeguarding against the vast scope of DDoS attacks posed to their networks. With DDoS attacks now being delivered in various sizes and with differing intentions, ensuring that the appropriate protection solutions are in place has never before been more critical. 

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