DDoS Protection for Banks and Financial Institutions
Transforming services to best serve your customers

Preventing cyber attacks against banks

Banks are transforming their infrastructures and back office capabilities to offer more online services to better serve customers and leverage flexible cloud-based infrastructures to meet financial goals.

But “Open” banking benefits to customers also amplifies cyber risk. Cyber criminals are using more calculated attacks to take network and security equipment offline to carry out their stealthy attacks.  

Corero’s real-time, automated approach provides complete protection against the entire DDoS threat landscape for banks to proactively protect against DDoS related service outages - eliminating the associated risk to their brand and bottom line. SmartWall technology can be deployed as a standalone layer of your Internet Gateway technology stack, or complementary to cloud-based DDoS mitigation services.

Retail Banks

Many banks fall into the Critical National Infrastructure category, as of May 2018. Under the European Union’s Network and Information Systems Directive they could also face penalties of up to 4% of Global revenues for ‘loss of service’ due to a cyber-attack, if the appropriate security controls are found to be lacking. 

The U.S. Homeland Security Department has also issued a response providing guidance to public and private sector organizations for the President’s Executive Order calling for better resilience for U.S. organizations against botnets and distributed attacks that cause service outages - they must be better prepared for these attacks or be heavily fined or worse.

Corporate Investment Banks

Corporate and Investment Banks are transforming their infrastructures and back office capabilities to serve their investment customers better and provide transparency to regulatory bodies. Cyber resilience is a critical component of this transformation, where even seconds of service disruption or downtime can have very severe financial and reputational consequences to your organization.  Corero’s SmartWall TDS solution with robust DDoS attack reporting and analytics is being used to successfully protect a multi billion high frequency trading-platform within a UK FTSE 100 Investment Brokerage house. 


Insurers are transforming back-office capabilities for digital automotive telemetry, wearables for health and domestic and commercial sensors for security and environmental uses - Proactive DDoS protection is critical.  

Service continuity and protecting data across your hybrid partner and 3rd party supply chains is a challenge with Insurers moving to digital platforms. It is imperative to have a real-time, always on DDoS platform, capable of protecting and mitigating attacks across all IP address ranges. 

DDoS Protection for Financial InstitutionsDDoS Assesment

Corero’s automatic DDoS mitigation solutions protect the customer’s network infrastructure, online services and confidential data from harmful DDoS attacks. The Corero solutions are the highest performing in the industry, while providing the most robust security coverage at unprecedented scale with the lowest total cost of ownership to the customer. These solutions are designed to provide real-time attack mitigation with continuous threat visibility.

DDoS Considerations

  • CNI Directive UK is considering imposing fines against critical infrastructure organizations whose lax security standards result in loss of service. UK organizations that provide critical infrastructure could soon face penalties of up to £17m, or 4% of global turnover, if they suffer a loss of service due to having lax cyber security standards.
  •  Hybrid DDoS Defense The implementation of an always-on solution combined with on-demand cloud defense provides businesses with a means of safeguarding against the vast scope of DDoS attacks posed to their networks. With DDoS attacks now being delivered in various sizes and with differing intentions, ensuring that the appropriate protection solutions are in place has never before been more critical. 

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