DDoS Protection Solution: 
SecureWatch® Maintain


Corero Network Security believes that service is at the core of a successful partnership between customer and security provider. At Corero, services are designed to meet the evolving DDoS protection requirements of a modern organization's mission critical network and infrastructure and are delivered by expert personnel. 

The SecureWatch monitoring and maintenance service ensures that the Corero SmartWall Threat Defense solutions are always up to date, running at peak performance, and ensures that our customers' networks are protected around the clock against the latest DDoS threats.

To learn more about Corero's SecureWatch family of services, please contact us.

SecureWatch Maximizes Network Security

Corero's Security Operations Center (SOC) combines state-of-the-art monitoring and maintenance technology along with highly experienced engineers to support customers before, during and after a cyber-attack.


Corero customers that opt for the SecureWatch Maintain service, the Corero SOC:

  • Installs all software updates for all deployed SmartWall TDS units
  • Monitors the status of the SmartWall TDS deployment to ensure continued protection
  • Initiates Advanced Hardware Replacement (AHR) process in the event of a hardware failure


Customers requiring continuous SOC monitoring and expert assistance in mitigating DDoS attacks should consider the SecureWatch Managed Service.