DDoS Monitoring & Response Service: 
SecureWatch® Managed Service

SecureWatch Managed Service is a comprehensive suite of configuration optimization, monitoring and mitigation response services. These services, delivered by the Corero Security Operations Center are customized to meet the security policy requirements and business goals of each SmartWall TDS customer that engages in a SecureWatch managed service plan.


With SecureWatch Managed Service, customers receive expert DDoS services starting with the organization-specific implementation, continuing with round-the-clock monitoring, and immediate and effective mitigation and response in the event of a cyber-attack.

Customers have the opportunity to choose the managed service plan tier that most effectivley meets their ongoing mitigation needs. A dedicated technical account team works closely with each customer to ensure a successful deployment, DDoS defense planning, rigorous monitoring and alerting, and swift response and successful follow-through.

SecureWatch Managed Service Customers can choose a plan that suits the needs for their business:


Service Tier

 Engagements per Year

    SecureWatch Managed - Unlimited


SecureWatch Managed - Monthly


   SecureWatch Managed - Quarterly


SecureWatch Managed Service Coverage:

  • Preparation:

    • Corero Network Security audits the SecureWatch Managed Service customer's IT environment, and works with them to provide a customized and complete defensive configuration based on corporate security policy, business objectives and DDoS defense best practices

    • Corero experts and the customer collaboratively establish a coordinated DDoS response plan for timely and effective actions that ensure continued availability of critical systems and applications in the event of an attack

  • Ongoing Support:

    • Ongoing collaboration and communication between Corero Network Security, represented by the dedicated technical account manager and the customer to ensure up-to-date defenses in the face of evolving threats and a dynamic end-user environment

    • 24x7 network monitoring to deliver real-time alerting to the end-user and the Corero Security Operations Center staff at the onset of an attack

  • Response:

    • Immediate engagement of Corero Network Security DDoS defense experts, armed with a thorough understanding of the SecureWatch customer's policies, configuration and business-critical requirements, working with customer IT staff to quickly and effectively mitigate the attack

    • Continued availability of Corero DDoS and cyber threat defense expertise throughout the duration of an attack to help assure business continuity

    • Post-incident assessment of Distributed Denial of Service attack methods, impact and recommended measures to improve preparation for and response to possible future attacks

To learn more about Corero's SecureWatch Managed Service tiered plans, please contact us.