InMotion Hosting Delivers a Better Web Hosting Experience with the Corero SmartWall®

InMotion Hosting needed to successfully defend against DDoS attacks that lead to unplanned server outages. 


Web hosting services provider


Successfully defend against DDoS attacks that lead to unplanned server outages


Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) with SecureWatch Analytics® 


  • Corero mitigated the largest volumetric attack InMotion Hosting had ever seen with no ill effects on customers
  • No longer need to do black holing, which keeps customers online
  • Greater visibility into other threats and malicious traffic coming into the network

Key Benefits:

  • Attacks are defended against without impact to customers
  • The analytics identify other potential threats and malicious traffic
  • The Corero solution can be scaled up as business needs dictate the extra capacity
  • Availability and performance of the network has improved significantly


Real-world example of the data collected from a reflection attack against one of InMotion Hosting’s servers - November 2015

Corero DDoS Protection from a Reflection Attack

The red color indicates traffic that was actually blocked by the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) that would have otherwise traversed deep into InMotion Hosting’s network. From a volumetric standpoint, the traffic peaked at just under 6Gbps and 1 million PPS. While their unique and sophisticated network design would not have allowed for complete saturation, the performance and quality of services provided on the target server itself would have most likely been degraded without the help of the SmartWall TDS. 

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