How Smart CISOs Protect Their Business from DDoS Attacks

How Smart CISOs Protect Their Business from DDoS Attacks

Whitepaper Overview: 

We spoke with CISOs from a range of organizations to get their insight on how security leaders effectively protect systems and networks from DDoS downtime that results from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Recent technology developments have made it possible to detect and stop cyber attacks instantly, before they can impact your network and disrupt user activity. With this in mind, we have written this whitepaper to help you learn from other security leaders and enable your business to withstand a DDoS attack, in real-time.

Key points we touch on include:

  • Learn how to stop DDoS attacks in real-time by utilizing real-time DDoS defense.
  • Gain CISO-level insight with their tips
  • Understand the four key elements of real-time DDoS defense

Download this eBook to learn how CISOs can properly protect their systems and organizations against the threat of DDoS attacks. We strive to limit the potential impact that an DDoS attack could have on the critical services that you provide. 

Products & Services: 

The Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System is designed to detect and respond to a large spectrum of DDoS attacks; ranging from high volume denial of service attempts to blended multi-vector threats, as well as low and slow application layer attacks. Our solution detects, analyzes and responds to DDoS attacks by inspecting raw internet traffic at line rate and identifying the threat within the first few packets of any given attack.

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