DDoS - A Modern Day Opportunity for Service Providers

Duration: 44 minutes and 48 seconds


The DDoS challenge of today has become a revenue generating opportunity for Converged Service Providers, Mobile Carriers as well as Wireline and Cable Carriers.

While hardened centralized DDoS scrubbing operations are increasingly inflexible and becoming obsolete, localized DDoS mitigation operations are becoming the solution of choice for many.

A new approach to DDoS protection, visibility and scalability is enabling Providers with new opportunities for revenue generating services--at a fraction of the cost of traditional DDoS defense solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • A new economic model for DDoS scrubbing that allows for more coverage and granular defense at a fraction of the cost
  • How DDoS Defense-as-a-service unlocks new revenue opportunities
  • Technology and deployment recommendations


Join this recorded session to better understand how the DDoS challenge has become an opportunity for the modern day Service Provider.


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