Analyst Report: DDoS Threat Landscape

Analyst Report: DDoS Threat Landscape

DDoS attacks of today, realistic defense architecture, tactics and more.

Report Overview:

Over the past decade attackers have reoriented toward financially motivated attacks, which means increasingly application-centric attacks designed to evade detection and exfiltrate lucrative data. Obviously knocking down a target interferes with looting it, so this attack vector was deemphasized as the focus shifted to financial fraud. But DDoS never really went away – it merely became a supplementary extortion tactic. Attackers communicate with a company and promise to knock down their site unless they receive a ransom. It’s a simple shakedown move, and many targets are simply unable to survive a significant outage — they pay up rather than fight. We don’t hear about many of these attacks – nobody wants to publicize their vulnerability to shakedowns because it invites more shakedowns.
This paper will provide detail on the attacks in use today, suggest realistic defensive architectures and tactics, and explain the basic process required to have a chance of defending your organization against a DoS attack. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Flooding the Pipes versus Exhausting the Servers
  • Elasticity Enables Economic Denial of Service
  • Understanding Attacks and Designing Defenses
  • Variety of DDoS Defense Techniques


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