Protect Your Network: A Network Security Webinar


Did you know that globally, the number of DDoS attacks is expected to increase 2.6 fold to 17 million by 2020? Your company and its data may be vulnerable to a sophisticated attack if your network is not properly secured.

But you can stop it from happening.

This webinar, presented by LSI and sponsored by Sophos, AT&T and Corero, sheds light on the network security challenges facing today’s companies.

Moderator: Tara Seals, Channel Vision Magazine


  • Warren Reyburn, LSI Executive Vice President
  • Bruce Wirt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LSI
  • Shawn Nace, Senior Sales Engineer at LSI
  • Dave Larson, COO / CTO at Corero
  • David Fisher, Technical Sales Consultant at AT&T

Here are some key takeaways from the presentation:                                                                     

  • A strong understanding of how customer network threats are evolving.
  • Insight on how an attack can affect private data and voice applications.
  • A comprehensive view of LSI’s Unified Threat Management System, which includes site-to-site VPN, firewalling, and wireless protection.
  • A look at the SmartWall Threat Defense System from Corero, which includes advanced DDoS threat defense technology.
  • An overview of AT&T’s VPN Service, featuring built-in disaster recovery tools.

As of 2015, DDoS attacks have been growing at a rate of 32 percent per quarter. You can prepare your organization with a wide range of network security resources starting today.

This presentation will provide you with the information you need to craft a solid strategy for protecting your company’s network and data.


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