DDoS Protection for Hosting Providers. Expand Your Cloud Offering and Protect Your Services

DDoS Protection for Hosting Providers: a WHIR webinar detailing how web hosting providing should expand cloud offering and protect hosting services.


This webinar co-hosted by the Web Host Industry Review (WHIR) discusses how hosting providers can now detect, analyze and respond to DDoS attacks better than ever before to protect their infrastructure and their customers.

Join Chief Operating Officer Dave Larson to learn:

  • How to inspect, analyze and respond to DDoS attacks and cyber threats;
  • How to gain greater visibility and control into traffic entering and leaving the hosting datacenter;
  • How to increase revenues and differentiate from the competition by offering DDoS and cyber threat protected hosting solutions.

Register for this webinar to discover best practices and new inline DDoS mitigation solutions available for the hosting provider environment.


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