DDoS Trends Report: Half Year 2018

DDoS Trends Report: Half Year 2018

DDoS Attacks are Becoming More Frequent, But the Duration of Attacks is Decreasing

Report Overview:

DDoS attacks can cripple operations of any size, damaging a brand's reputation, customer trust and revenue. The frequency of DDoS attacks has once again risen, this time by 40% year over year. In our latest Trends Report we analyze the current state of the DDoS threat landscape and provide recommendations to ensure protection in the future. 

While frequency has increased, the average duration of attacks has decreased. This data represents the frequency, size and sophistication of DDoS attacks that organizations face in today's evolving cyber threat landscape.

Key Takeaways From Q1 and Q2 of 2018:

  • Low volume, sub-saturating attacks continue to dominate while attacks over 10Gbps have doubled;
  • After a first attack, one in five organizations will be targeted again within 24 hours; 
  • On average, organizations faced eight attacks per day in Q2 2018, an increase of 40% over Q2 2017. 

Download this report to gain insights into DDoS attack attempts against Corero customers in Q1 2018 and Q2 2018, as well as comparisons against previous quarters. 

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