2017 DDoS Trends Report

2017 DDoS Trends Report

DDoS attacks commonly used as a distraction mechanism and other key trends.

Report Overview:

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have the ability to impact customers, result in major financial losses, and cripple operations of any size. Service providers, hosting providers and the digital enterprise are all impacted by DDoS attacks. We analyze the current state of the threat landscape, and provide recommendations to ensure protection in the future.

This report contains data that represents the frequency and sophistication of DDoS attacks that organizations face in today’s evolving cyber threat landscape. We have gathered observations from Corero customers who were effected by DDoS attack attempts in Q4 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017.

Key Takeaways:

  • DDoS attacks continue to be frequent, short duration and low in volume
  • There was a 9 percent increase in attacks per quarter between Q4 (2016) and Q1 (2017)
  • DDoS attacks commonly used as a distraction mechanism for data exfiltration attempts
  • Massive botnet-driven DDoS attacks have become more common, and very effective
  • The threat landscape continues to evolve
  • There is a case to be made for real-time DDoS defense being valuable


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