Juniper Networks Solution Brief

Juniper Networks Solution Brief

Juniper Networks and Corero Join Forces to Deliver a High-Performance DDoS Solution

Datasheet Overview:

DDoS attacks continue to grow, both in number and complexity. In response, we have joined up with Juniper Networks to create a DDoS defense solution that combines infrastructure from Juniper Networks with the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS). Together, you are able to defend against multiple types of DDoS attacks and mitigate the impact on core service provider, hosting provider, and cloud service provider infrastructure, and enterprise data centers. 

A proper DDoS defense solution must be equipped to defend against the two most basic forms of attacks. The first is the simultaneous sending of large numbers of packets from multiple source IP addresses to a single targeted address or host; and, the second is the extended usage of waves of traffic sent over an extended length of time.

Key Benefit:

The joint Juniper-Corero DDoS solution provides 4 key benefits:

  1. Flexible deployment models
  2. Reduced OpEx
  3. High performance with scale-out capabilities
  4. An integrated approach for defending against current DDoS attack vectors

For more information on how this DDoS solution prevents attackers from disrupting your business, and the benefits of installing a Corero appliance in front of a Juniper edge or core device, download this datasheet. 


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