2017 DDoS Attack Protection Infographic

Service providers, hosting providers, and the online enterprise are all impacted by DDoS attacks, which have continued to grow in size, frequency and sophistication in recent years. Not surprisingly, customer expectations for advanced security have also grown. Enterprises are increasingly calling on their service providers to assist them in the detection, analysis and protection against DDoS attacks before they impact their business. 

This study polled  top technology decision makers and security experts at the 2017 RSA Security Conference last month in San Francisco, CA.


Measuring the DDoS Threat and Opportunity [INFOGRAPHIC]



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Measuring the DDoS Threat and Opportunity

Businesses are now, more than ever before, looking upstream to their ISPs to protect them from DDoS attacks.

Let’s look at the raw data!

DDoS Statistics

  • 56% of respondents view DDoS as more of a concern in 2017 than it has been in the past
  • 40% experience attacks on a monthly, or even weekly or daily basis
  • 31% have experienced more attacks recently
  • 45% view loss of customer trust and confidence as most damaging effect to business
  • 85% want their ISPs to take responsibility and provide additional security services to defeat DDoS
  • 46% of those looking for upstream protection, would pay their providers for such a service
  • 74% of those willing to pay, would spend up to 25% of their total ISP spend/budget to eliminate the problem via their ISP
  • 58% continue to use homegrown or traditional security infrastructure to try and mitigate DDoS attacks


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