DDoS Monitoring Tool:
SmartWall®–Virtual Edition (vNTD)

Meet the SmartWall vNTD DDoS Monitoring Tool for Powerful Event Reporting & Analytics


Meet the newest member of the SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) family – The SmartWall vNTD monitoring tool!

The SmartWall TDS - virtual edition brings real-time DDoS event visibility to virtual machine (VM) instances for more diverse deployment possibilities, with the same powerful and rich DDoS security event analytics and reporting as SmartWall TDS.

We understand that Network Operators need the ability to ‘drop in’ security visibility into any part of the network to analyze the nature of the threat and that is why we created a virtual edition of the SmartWall TDS. This virtual DDoS monitoring tool can be rapidly deployed to visualize and analyze DDoS security events, leveraging the same DDoS detection capabilities as the physical appliance, yet delivered as a Virtual Edition for easy deployment and elastic scale.

Key Components of the SmartWall Threat Defense System – Virtual Edition:

Corero SmartWall Network Threat Defense - Virtual Edition (vNTD Monitor)

The SmartWall Network Threat Defense – virtual edition is a virtual DDoS monitoring tool that monitors and inspects traffic, sending sFlow data, security events and syslog messages to the Corero SmartWall Site Management Server - Virtual Edition (vSMS) to provide granular visibility about DDoS attacks and traffic anomalies in any network. The virtual network threat defense technology can detect DDoS attack vectors ranging from volumetric, reflection, resource exhaustion and application layer, to provide a detailed analysis and summary of DDoS threats present on the network.

Corero SmartWall Site Management Server - Virtual Edition (vSMS)

The SmartWall virtual Site Management Server provides management of the SmartWall virtual DDoS monitoring tool and processes event information, sending aggregated statistics and security metadata about DDoS attacks to Corero SecureWatch® Analytics - Virtual Edition (vSWA) for presentation.  The SmartWall Virtual Site Management Server uses industry standard Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f, which is used by Tier 1 Carriers for scalable configuration management.

Corero SecureWatch® Analytics - Virtual Edition (vSWA)

The virtual edition of Corero’s SecureWatch® Analytics indexes data received from all Virtual Site Management Server instances and presents the information in an easy to read graphical user interface (GUI) that incorporates pre-built DDoS attack information dashboards and enables detailed analysis and drill-down on an event-by-event basis.

Additionally, the virtual SecureWatch® Analytics can be connected to the Corero SecureWatch® Analytics portal for global remote access to DDoS event information. It can also be integrated with the virtual SmartWall Network Threat Defense data with a commercial Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System deployment.  


SmartWall Virtual Network Threat Defense


The virtual SmartWall Network Threat Defense provides the freedom and flexibility to monitor DDoS activity against any server, application or network. This allows you to stay in control of DDoS attacks in a Cloud environment with visibility of attack traffic, intuitive analytics and alerting of DDoS attack vectors targeting the system or workload. 

The virtual SmartWall Network Threat Defense System technology incorporates the Corero SmartWall Network Threat Defense System (TDS) in-line detection engine to identify DDoS attack traffic within a virtual context.


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