SmartWall® Service Portal

DDoS Attack Monitoring Reports & Dashboards

Provide DDoS Protection as-a-Service to Your Customers

Service providers and hosting providers, are tasked with differentiating their services to protect and retain existing customers, and attract new ones. By enabling DDoS Protection as-a-Service (DDPaas) you are not only safeguarding your customers from the impact of devastating DDoS attacks, you are empowered to increase per customer service revenue. 

The SmartWall Service Portal is powered by award-winning real-time DDoS mitigation technology, the SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS). This always-on technology provides DDoS defense for your infrastructure and your customers. The SmartWall TDS is capable of surgically mitigating a wide range of DDoS attacks at line rate, all while maintaining full connectivity to avoid disrupting the delivery of legitimate traffic. It is designed to handle large network-based DDoS attacks or floods, as well as short duration, low volume attacks, typically too small and too short in duration to be effectively mitigated by out of band solutions.DDoS attack monitoring dashboard

The SmartWall Service Portal provides per-customer visibility and administration for: 

  • Traffic and DDoS attack monitoring dashboards globally, and per customer
  • Role-based access for provider and customers
  • DDoS attack reporting and service alerting
  • Customer life-cycle management functions

This web application portal enables providers to onboard customers, assign DDoS protection service levels and view attack dashboards for each. Protected customers can login to their own view, to access traffic and DDoS attack reporting and analytics, and understand the value of the DDoS protection they are receiving.  

With the SmartWall TDS and Service Portal capabilities, providers can effectively protect their network from DDoS attacks, eliminating service outages and bandwidth loss due to attacks, and achieving ROI from their DDoS mitigation appliance investment in as little as just a few months*. 

The SmartWall Service portal is also a component of the Corero SmartProtect program, a new DDPaaS initiative designed for a broad ecosystem of service providers – hosted, managed and ISP – which enables these operators the capability to deliver advanced DDoS protection as a premium high-value managed service to their customers, with an easily digestible economic model.

If you'd like to learn more about the Corero SmartWall TDS and Service Portal capabilities, please contact us.​

*ROI varies depending on protection service pricing models made available to provider's customers.