Network Bypass Appliance: 


Ensuring Network Connectivity 
Corero SmartWall Network Bypass Alliance Chart

Network connectivity is key for maintaining a continuous Internet presence. The SmartWall® Network Bypass Appliance, part of the SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS), eliminates Internet downtime in case of power or equipment or equipment failures or during planned maintenance or equipment upgrade windows.

The SmartWall Network Bypass Appliance delivers transparent 10Gbps full-duplex performance for network bypass, monitor or insertion. It has two passive fiber ports for 10Gbps of zero power optical bypass and two active 10Gbps SFP+ ports for monitoring and active inline processing. Multiple configurable protection modes are supported including power-fail, manual bypass, programmatic bypass and automatic heartbeat detection.

The SmartWall Network Bypass Appliance allows Service Providers and Enterprises to ensure business continuity for online services and applications. The bypass appliance also integrates seamlessly with other members of the SmartWall TDS Family to deliver around-the-clock connectivity.



Bypass DDoS protection Datasheet