DDoS Defense Cloud

Cloud-Scale Protection Against the Largest of Attacks

Flexible Hybrid or Provider-based Protection

SmartWall Threat Defense Cloud (TDC) guards against the largest attacks, which can saturate your internet connections and overwhelm all legitimate traffic.  Protection is available directly connecting to a SmartWall powered service, from a supported provider, or in a Hybrid combination with SmartWall deployed on-premises.

Organizations can benefit from SmartWall cloud protection either; connecting directly through a supported Service Provider, or using a hybrid SmartWall deployment with on-promises plus cloud protection. The SmartWall DDoS protection solution delivers 24/7 visibility and surgical mitigation of volumetric DDoS attacks at layers 3 thru 7, for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, without impacting the performance or connectivity of physical or virtualized networks.

Hybrid Cloud

SmartWall Threat Defense Cloud protection is available as an add-on component to on-premises deployments of the SmartWall solution. This hybrid approach extends protection to those occasions when a DDoS attack is large enough to saturate the available Internet link capacity.  In such cases, the on-premises SmartWall signals the Threat Defense Cloud to automatically redirect impacted traffic flows for scrubbing in the cloud, before they can overwhelm those links.

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Direct-Connect Cloud

SmartWall Direct-Connect Threat Defense Cloud protection is available to customers of Corero’s Service Provider partners.  Organizations using a Corero Partner as their Internet Service Provider can subscribe to DDoS protection powered by Corero’s real-time automatic SmartWall solution. The direct-connect cloud delivers all the benefits of SmartWall protection, without the need to deploy or manage the system.