Investor Proposition

DDoS attacks are a growing problem for businesses and governments around the world, and the DDoS market is forecast to reach $1bn+ by 2019. Most industry analysts believe that the cybersecurity market has not yet reached the mature phase, and we agree. DDoS and other cyber threat activities show no sign of ebbing; in fact, the threats are increasing.

There is pent-up demand in the Corero target market, and the company is well-positioned to take advantage of strong growth in the cybersecurity arena. With its superior products and services that have been market-proven and third party tested and recommended, as well as cash to execute the company’s growth plan, Corero is poised to ride the wave of the DDoS market and meet the growing demand.

By executing upon its established sales model, the company has experienced growth in both the number of customers and the average contract size. As a result, the company has many referenceable customers. The company has achieved momentum by winning several major contracts, and is on a path to profitability and increased market share via targeted sales growth.

Industry Recognition

Corero’s flagship product, SmartWall® TDS, is an industry-leading solution that detects and blocks DDoS activity against any server, application or network. Corero has gained valuable third party validation from security research firms such as NSS Labs, and has garnered awards from several industry associations and publications. The company will continue to participate in further independent market testing to obtain additional validation. In addition, the company has a prominent profile as a thought leader among industry analysts and members of the press.

Product Development

Corero is constantly improving its DDoS defense technology to maintain competitive advantage, and adapt to both market needs and the evolving cyber threat landscape. Corero maintains a continuous improvement approach to product development, including:

  • New DDoS attack defenses
  • Alternate deployment platforms including VM and Cloud
  • Additional forensics and analysis capabilities.

Prioritizing and Penetrating New Channels and Markets

The company targets service providers and hosting/Cloud providers but also serves a variety of other markets, such as financial services and higher education. It is pursuing new routes to market, including systems integrators, OEMs and partners, and it plans to expand sales territories beyond the current regions of the United States and Europe.