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Protect Next-Gen Network Infrastructure from Terabit DDoS Attacks



Service providers around the globe are scaling up network, data center, and cloud infrastructure at breakneck speed. It’s not uncommon for providers to have 10, 20 or even 50+ 100G peering links, and 400G links are coming. How do providers keep up and monitor, detect and protect their growing infrastructure from terabit attacks? How can providers leverage integrated routing and in-line DDoS protection to change the conversation around cost and scale for DDoS protection? This webinar details DDoS mitigation concerns, solutions, and real-world use cases as well as key considerations as we roll out more 100G connections and face the reality of defending terabit+ infrastructures.

This webinar is best suited for

Large-scale network operators, hosting, and cloud companies. Top 500 SPs worldwide. Service providers who already have MX in their environment ideal but not required. Financial analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.

Key topics

  • What is driving the increases in DDoS attack volume and size?
  • Is it even possible to build traditional DDoS mitigation solutions to protect 10Tbps and beyond attacks?
  • Can solutions that integrate network and security telemetry address the scale problem?
  • How are customers in the real world protecting their global infrastructure from massive attacks?



Jeff Wilson
Senior Research Director & Advisor
IHS Markit


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Ashley Stephenson
Chief Executive Offer
Corero Network Security



Mark Denny
Product Manager
Juniper Networks