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Innovation in DDoS Mitigation – Responding to the Modern Threat


The rise in small-scale, multi-vector attacks has not gone unnoticed by service providers and digital enterprises alike. With this evolved threat comes the need to mitigate attacks instantaneously to eliminate downtime, outages and service latency. For some ISPs, this comes as an opportunity to better protect their customers from business impacting service interruptions.


Key topics

  • The latest trends in the DDoS threat landscape
  • How DDoS mitigation techniques have evolved to provide real-time, automated protection
  • How GTT has turned the DDoS threat into an opportunity to provide value-added security services to customers
  • How to enable DDoS Protection as-a-Service (DDPaaS) quickly and effectively


Curtis Franklin
Security Editor
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Ashley Stephenson
Chief Executive Officer
Corero Network Security

Roger Kim
Senior Director
Product Management