Pep Boys Puts the Brakes on Cyber Threats with Corero Network Security

Corero’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Protects Leading Automotive Services and Retail Chain; Addresses PCI, SOX Data Security Requirements

HUDSON, MA., April 3, 2012 – Corero Network Security (CNS: LN), a leading global provider of Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense Systems, today announced its IPS is now protecting The Pep Boys – Manny, Moe & Jack  – (NYSE: “PBY”) the nation’s leading automotive aftermarket service and retail chain.

For Pep Boys, their customers and employees are paramount, and safeguarding their information is of the utmost importance. To help protect its nationwide network of more than 700 stores and its corporate headquarters against malicious attacks, Pep Boys called on Corero. In addition to information collected from retail transactions, as a customer-centric company, Pep Boys is entrusted with a large amount of customer information through its online “Glovebox” feature, which enables customers to record and conveniently access information about their vehicles and service history.

Corero’s Next Generation IPS proactively protects Pep Boys’ networks against attack. Corero’s IPS also facilitates Pep Boys compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which requires protection of cardholder data, as well as compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) information security mandates. The IPS also protects against data breaches that would require damaging public disclosure through the more than 40 state data breach notification laws.

“Servicing our customers and safeguarding their information are our number one priorities,” said Pete Bottcher, Pep Boys Information Security Officer. “Corero’s IPS is a key technology we use to protect our customer and employee records.

“PCI is our main compliance challenge. We process millions of credit card transactions annually from our different stores, and they all traverse out network, so meeting PCI DSS requirements is always a top consideration. Corero’s log-based reporting features enabled through its Network Security Analyzer (NSA) tool is particularly useful during PCI DSS audits.”

Bottcher gets timely updates to protect Pep Boys and its customers against the latest threats, and values the information and recommendations that accompany them. He uses this information to apply updates based on Pep Boys’ particular environment. He also benefits from Corero’s rollback feature, which allows him to revert to previous software versions if there is an issue.

“The support is fantastic,” Bottcher said. “Corero gives me both reliability and flexibility. It has the flexibility to run in bypass mode to allow us to test and troubleshoot before we deploy. And it has the reliability in terms of being a dependable appliance, its ease of use and unsurpassable service and support.”

"In today’s business environment, so many organizations are seeking technology that can handle the evolving threat of malicious attack while better aligning with their business priorities to service and safeguard their customers," said Marty Meyer, CEO of Corero Network Security. "Customers just like Pep Boys are finding that Corero Network Security’s next generation IPS and DDS solutions are far more relevant to their needs.”

Corero’s Next Generation IPS provides unmatched detection of both known and unknown (zero-day) threats. Its Three Dimensional Protection (3DP) architecture comprises DDoS Defense, stateful firewall filtering, and two-tiered Stateful Protocol Analysis (SPA) traffic inspection to provide threat detection that surpasses IPS products that rely solely on attack signatures. The innovative multi-processor platform provides the lowest latency and highest reliability in the industry, as well as superior throughput, flexibility and scalability.