Newscycle Solutions Selects Corero SmartWall® TDS for Full Visibility, Protection and Control Against DDoS Attacks

Technology implementation allows for a more robust and responsive network, providing real-time mitigation to ensure service availability in the face of escalating DDoS threats

Hudson, MA – July 6, 2015 – Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of First Line of Defense® security solutions against DDoS attacks, today announced that Newscycle Solutions, provider of the most complete range of software solutions for the global news media industry, has implemented the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) for real-time protection against DDoS attacks.

With performance and network stability threatened by DDoS attacks, Newscycle has taken a proactive approach to DDoS for protecting service availability for their customers. By implementing the Corero SmartWall TDS real-time mitigation technology for full visibility and control over their network traffic, Newscycle customers that are hosted on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform no longer experience the latency and downtime due to DDoS when accessing the mission-critical platforms they rely on to conduct business.

“Our customers rely on Newscycle software to produce billions of page views per year for their newspaper customers,” said Bob Mason, Vice President of Hosting at Newscycle Solutions. “With real-time detection, mitigation and alerting of DDoS attacks, system reliability and responsiveness has increased significantly for customers running on Amazon Web Services by using the SmartWall TDS solution at the network edge.  The Corero technology has enabled us to eliminate issues due to DDoS attacks for our AWS platform customers.”

Disruptions to Internet-facing online services can cripple operations, impact customers and result in major economic losses. The SmartWall TDS is an intelligent, always-on platform that inspects traffic, detects threats and automatically mitigates DDoS attacks targeting the protected network resources of Newscycle’s AWS customers. It allows organizations like Newscycle to deploy centralized or distributed DDoS attack protection solutions via purpose-built network security appliances that provide advanced Layer 3-7 DDoS threat protection.

“As DDoS attack techniques continue to evolve, it is necessary for organizations that rely on the Internet to conduct business to begin focusing on their defense posture to stay ahead of these threats. We are pleased to have been selected by Newscyle to provide modern, real-time DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities that incorporate both intelligent and automated filtering, as well as detailed security forensics to defeat these new and advanced DDoS attacks, protecting their business from the impact of DDoS,” said Dave Larson, CTO and Vice President Product at Corero Network Security.

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Newscycle Solutions, which was formed by the combination of DTI, Saxotech, Atex AdBase and MediaSpan, delivers the most complete range of software solutions for the global news media industry, including news content management, advertising, circulation, audience, and analytics. Newscycle is a trusted technology partner serving more than 750 media companies with 8,000 properties across more than 30 countries on six continents. The company is headquartered in Bloomington, MN and has U.S. offices in Florida, Michigan and Utah; with international offices in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. For more information, go to