Need for ISP DDoS Protection Demonstrated in Mumbai Attack

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) earlier this week crippled Internet service throughout Mumbai, India. According to HackRead,

“Some users took the issue to Reddit discussing which other ISPs have been affected and according to the thread, Airtel was the main target of attackers as the company provides broadband services to other companies and the defense sector in the country.”

Apparently the ISP Airtel also distributes broadband for smaller companies such as Hathway, which was one of the affected service providers.

This incident is a perfect example of why it’s so important for Internet Service Providers to have DDoS protection. If Airtel had had adequate DDoS protection, its customers (along with their customers), would not have experienced any loss of service. And Airtel would not be trying to recuperate from a loss of brand reputation and customer trust.

The fact that the attack impacted an entire large city shows just how devastating and widespread a DDoS attack can be. It’s hard to estimate the cost of lost productivity for thousands and thousands of individuals, businesses and institutions (such as hospitals and government agencies) who rely on an Internet connection, never mind the impact on the ISP’s defense sector customers.

That’s why Corero provides appliance-based DDoS protection for ISPs and hosting providers; if ISPs block “dirty” traffic from entering the top of the Internet funnel, then customers downstream don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks. It’s as simple as that.

Corero's DDoS Protection Hardware enables ISPs to protect their own networks by deploying a dedicated, in-line anti-DDoS mitigation appliance at the peering and transit points. This modern DDoS technology has created a new economic model for ISPs, whereby they can offer dedicated DDoS protection as an extension of their current service offerings. Survey research shows that ISP customers expect —and are willing to pay for—such premium service. To learn more, read the FierceMarkets report on “DDoS Impact and Opportunity in the Service Provider Environment.”