Juniper Networks Enters into Global Sales Agreement with Corero, and Invests $2.0 Million

Last week Corero was pleased to announce the expansion of our global partnership with Juniper Networks; Juniper signed a multi-year agreement to resell Corero’s distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection software products and services, with Juniper’s MX Series 5G Universal Routing platform. Following closely on the heels of that announcement came yet another piece of good news: Juniper is investing $2.0 million in Corero. We welcome this equity investment from a global corporation of Juniper Networks’ reputation and scale, and we see it as a further endorsement of our vision for SmartWall® products as a critical component in securing IT networks from DDoS attacks. Corero works with leading providers to make DDoS mitigation an integral component of any well-engineered, Internet-facing network design.

With its global footprint, Juniper Networks is a desirable channel for Corero. Many common customers have independently combined Juniper and Corero products to protect their networks against DDoS attacks. Juniper Networks’ routing and switching solutions are utilized in more than 50 percent of Corero’s real-time DDoS protection deployments, with the largest joint customer operating 1Terabit of DDoS mitigation capacity. With our new agreement we are able to extend the available DDoS mitigation capacity by an order of magnitude to beyond 10 Terabits per second.

We began our relationship with Juniper Networks in early 2017, when we announced that our two companies would work together to validate Juniper’s proven routing technology (Juniper’s MX routers and QFX switches) with our SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) for real-time DDoS mitigation. Those products have served as an integral component of securing service provider and enterprise networks in real time against DDoS attacks. In the newly announced partnership, the Corero SmartWall DDoS detection and mitigation technology is used to automatically control Juniper’s MX Series Routers, offering an integrated solution that protects the provider and datacenter edge against the increasing risk posed by large scale DDoS attacks.

Additionally, with our new agreement, Juniper will be able to further advance their stated mission of providing customers with automated, scalable and secure networks. The partnership extends the scalability and automation of DDoS protection to provide unprecedented response time with breakthrough pricing and performance. As Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director, Cybersecurity Technology at IHS Markit said, “Juniper Networks provides the routing infrastructure for some of the world’s largest and most critical IP networks, including key subscriber, mobile, enterprise, government, and academic networks. This partnership raises the bar for automated, scalable and secure IP networks by integrating Juniper’s proven routing technology and Corero’s high-performance DDoS protection—and delivering the combined solution to large, strategic customers through Juniper’s global sales force and channel.”

Service providers face the challenge of securing increasingly complex and exponentially faster networks in an era of DDoS attacks that have grown in frequency and sophistication. It is critical that they prevent DDoS traffic from disrupting their network-based service offerings. Our relationship with Juniper Networks provides their customers with additional security options to help make the self-driving network a reality. We look forward to serving our joint customers.

Corero has provided best-in-class, innovative DDoS protection solutions for customers across the globe; to learn how you can protect your organization from the DDoS threat, contact us.