Jagex Drops the Warhammer Against DDoS Attacks with Corero


Online gaming


DDoS attacks lead to system slowdown or in some cases outages in service for players in the performance-sensitive online gaming industry. Jagex needed a solution to handle the frequent, intense DDoS attacks it was encountering in its five data centres in the United States and Europe, without causing any disruption to customers’ gaming experiences.  With attackers changing their DDoS attack techniques in rapid fashion, Jagex required a solution that could automatically detect these emerging attacks and mitigate in real-time, immediately eliminating the DDoS challenge to their sensitive environment.


Corero’s SmartWall® Threat Defense System, SecureWatch® Analytics and SecureWatch® PLUS service.


Up to 95% of DDoS attacks are absorbed completely with zero impact on player experience whatsoever.

Key Benefits:
  • Attacks are blocked before they can cause disruption to players’ gaming sessions
  • DDoS mitigation is automatic and in real-time, eliminating costly human analysis and configuration of countermeasures
  • Jagex’s reputation and revenue streams are enhanced when customers have full and continuous access to online games
  • Utilizing the SecureWatch PLUS service, Jagex and Corero work together to constantly fine tune the solution to adapt in a dynamic and evolving threat environment