ISPs Can Help Their Customers Defend Against DDoS Attacks

Every organization has IT security vulnerabilities, and many need to be especially concerned about distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In the past, most companies worried about DDoS attacks only if they were a high-profile target for “hacktivists,” or if they were part of the banking or online gaming industries. Times have changed however, so DDoS attacks rank high on the list of IT security concerns across many industries, for good reason: DDoS attacks have increased in sophistication, size, and frequency, and they are used to target many types of organizations.

As the DDoS threat grows more complex, more companies are looking to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) for protection. ISPs are responding. It makes sense for ISPs to lead the charge against DDoS attacks, because they serve as the Internet gateways and can eliminate the DDoS threat closer to the source. By deploying DDoS protection at the top of the funnel, they protect their own infrastructure while offering a comprehensive security solution to their customers as a paid-for managed service. It’s a win-win situation; for ISPs it turns a threat into an opportunity, and for ISP customers it’s much more cost effective—and less complicated—for them to secure DDoS protection from their trusted provider.

In a recent webinar GTT, a leading global cloud networking provider to multinational clients, spoke about its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation service a new offering within its Managed Security suite. The proactively-managed service protects organizations from malicious Internet traffic, ensuring the continuity and security of their business operations. As the operator of a top five, Tier 1 IP backbone, GTT has the network capacity and mitigation capability to defend against even complex DDoS attacks. Its DDoS Mitigation service provides their clients with peace of mind that their network and business remain safe from threats.

GTT’s DDoS Mitigation augments the company’s IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access services, providing automated, real-time detection and mitigation of attack traffic and returning clean traffic to the impacted organization. GTT utilizes Corero’s SmartWalll® Threat Defense System as the platform for its DDoS Mitigation service, delivering comprehensive visibility into IP traffic and attack information, with access to detailed reporting via GTT’s client portal.

The flexible service provides a default, always-on option for clients that require immediate, proactive mitigation. GTT also offers an on-demand solution for clients who prefer to initiate mitigation. GTT’s pricing is based on traffic volume, and all services are backed by stringent response time SLAs.

The bottom line is that DDoS Protection as a Service via ISPs is scalable and affordable, making it much easier for organizations to protect their networks from DDoS threats.

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