Introducing the Corero Virtual Edition (vNTD) Monitor – a DDoS Detection Engine

Last week we announced that we’ve taken our award winning SmartWall® Network Threat Defense System (TDS) and created a Virtual Edition. The Corero Virtual Edition (vNTD) Monitor leverages the same DDoS detection capabilities of the physical appliance, SmartWall TDS. As such, it brings real-time DDoS event visibility to the virtual machine (VM) environment, giving customers more clarity into DDoS threats such as the localized, quick-strike, multi-vector attacks that are proliferating worldwide. vNTD Monitor detects DDoS attacks in real-time, and provides granular data in a visual format.

Why is this important? Organizations need security visualization because many of them are unaware of the quantity of DDoS attacks on their servers, applications or networks. Most attacks are so small that they often escape detection by traditional scrubbing systems. Yet even those small DDoS attacks should be detected and mitigated because they can supersaturate a smaller network, or a customer in the downline of a hosting or service provider (According to our recent DDoS Trends and Analysis Report, 93% of all DDoS attacks are under 1gbps).

Network operators can now “drop in” security visibility in any part of the network to analyze the nature of the DDoS threat. vNTD Monitor provides the freedom and flexibility to monitor DDoS activity against any server, application or network to stay in control of DDoS attacks in a cloud environment with visibility of attack traffic, intuitive analytics and alerting of DDoS attack vectors targeting the system or workload. The product is fully integrated with Corero’s SecureWatch Analytics Virtual Edition (vSWA) for reporting, alerting and signaling, and SecureWatch® portal.

Types of DDoS attacks detected by vNTD:

  • Volumetric (TCP, UDP, UDP Fragment, ICMP floods, IP flood)
  • Reflection (NTP Monlist, Chargen, Inbound SNMP, SSDP/UPnP, DNS)
  • Resource Exhaustion (spoofed floods e.g. SYN Flood)
  • Other (Flex Rule, Smart-Rule)
  • L3-L7 visibility

vNTD Monitor is easy to deploy, highly scalable and ideal for hosting/service providers, enterprises, online gaming and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Qualified organizations may join our Beta Program now for free. If you’re interested in joining our Beta Program, please contact us today!