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Many WordPress Plugin Developers Don’t Build Tight Security into Their Code, Leaving Millions of Websites Vulnerable to Hacking

A new paradigm has taken root in the word of application development. These days we have a number of application “platforms” that are supported by marketplaces where hundreds or thousands of developers post their apps or plugins for download. Some of the world’s most popular platforms are Apple’s iOS, Google’s...

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US And Russia Launch Cyber Threat ‘Hotline’

The Cold War 24-hour hotline established to prevent accidental nuclear war between the US and the then Soviet Union has been updated to deal with a modern risk – accidental cyber war. The White House, in a release this week, said the new use for the hot line was among the results of two years of talks between Washington and Moscow on...

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NSA Director Defends Surveillance Of Phones, Internet

The director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith Alexander, today (Tuesday June 18) defended US spying on phone calls and internet traffic, saying it had prevented some 50 terror attacks around the world.

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Moving from Compliance to Risk-Based Security – Part 2

In my previous post, Moving from Compliance to Risk-Based Security - Part 1, I mentioned that I would share my discussions with two security executives who feel strongly about this topic. Both of them participated in the Wisegate CSO peer discussion documented in the report Moving From Compliance to Risk-Based Security. These experts clearly...

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Wall Street To Stage Cyber War Game

As concern mounts over cyber warfare between nations, major Wall Street firms will take part later this month in a simulated network disruption exercise aimed at testing their ability to respond to a widespread attack. The exercise, Quantum Dawn 2, has been organized by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (Sifma) as a...

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