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Researcher Says Vulnerability Affects Nearly Every Android Phone

Bluebox Security reported this week it had discovered a vulnerability affecting 99 percent of Android cell phones that allows a hacker to do anything from steal data to create a mobile botnet. “The implications are huge,” Bluebox chief technical officer Jeff Forristal said in a blog post “This vulnerability, around at...

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Video Games Maker Says Website Hacked

Ubisoft, the video game developer and distributor, warned clients this week that its website had been hacked and urged all users to change their passwords. In a post on its website, the company said hackers had recently gained access to some of its online systems and stolen user names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords. "No...

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Malware Pair Work in Tandem to Evade Removal

Microsoft has identified two separate forms of malware that work together on an infected computer to make it far more difficult to remove them. In a Malware Protection Center blog, Redmond anti-virus researcher Hyun Choi named the malware as Vobfus and Beebone. What makes them particularly troublesome is that they download updated versions...

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Mobile Malware Follows the Money

Mobile malware mushroomed more than six-fold in the year ending in March, and the people behind it are increasingly behaving like calculating business professionals, a study from Juniper Networks says. “Similar to legitimate developers focused on the rise of mobile, cyber criminals are looking to maximize their return on investment with...

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Step-By-Step Instructions to Implement DMARC in Your Organization, Part 2: Deploying the DMARC Record

In my previous article I covered the preliminary tasks that need to be done when you want to implement the DMARC standard to protect your email domain(s). This article gets into the meat of what to do for actual deployment. I’d like to thank Alec Peterson, CTO of Message Systems, for these step-by-step instructions. Remember that list of...

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