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FBI Ransomware Could Be Generating Big Income

A new type of ransomeware that tries to fool victims using Macs or Windows into paying fines of $300 could be making its authors hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, according to a senior security researcher at Malwarebytes. Jerome Segura wrote in a blog that the scam displays a message purportedly from the FBI telling the user that his or...

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Privacy Double Standard: You Can Track Online But Not On Foot

There’s an article in the New York Times about how retail stores are increasingly using technology to track customers’ movements and interests when they are physically in the stores. (Check out the article’s video to see some of this technology in action.) Stores use Wi-Fi signals from customers’ mobile phones to track...

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Study Finds “Surprises” in Browser Warning Effectiveness

Computer users generally take note of browser warnings about unsafe websites, but up to 70 percent of Google Chrome’s SSL (secure socket layer) warnings fail to dissuade users from visiting a site, according to a recent study. The research on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox was conducted in May and June this year by Devdatta Akhawe of the...

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Data encryption in the cloud is not enough to keep the feds from eying your data if they want to

The New York Times reported that Microsoft has collaborated with the National Security Agency (NSA)more extensively than it previously acknowledged. According to classified internal NSA newsletters that were disclosed by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, Microsoft has helped the NSA find ways to circumvent its encryption on its Outlook.com...

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EDA Overreacts to Malware Scare

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) in Washington, D.C. physically destroyed computers and other IT equipment worth $170,000 in a comedy of errors sparked by a relatively harmless malware incident, according to an audit report. The report by the inspector general’s office in the Department of Commerce, released late last month,...

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